Q: I want to book a session, what should I do?

A: I strongly recommend booking as soon as you have an idea in mind as to your desired session date or time frame - some clients have booked as far as 6 months in advance. All dates are first come, first serve, so the sooner you are able to reserve your date, the better.  

Contact me (if you are emailing, be sure to include your phone number, and I will call you) to discuss available dates.  Once we have settled on a date for your session, I will send you a digital package of information, including useful information to help you prepare for your session, our studio pricing guide, and a contract and model release form.

Please note, in order to reserve your desired session date, you must return your signed contract (a digital signature is OK), along with your non-refundable retainer equal to 50% of your session fee (with the remainder due the day of your session).  Your date is not reserved until both the contract and retainer have been received.


Q: How long will the session last? Where will my session be located? Are there limits on the number of outfits? What about the number of people? 

A: Standard portrait sessions typically last around an hour.  Please leave room for flexibility when scheduling.  For some families with small children, 45 minutes to an hour may be all they can handle. For some large groups, or for sessions with multiple wardrobe changes, the session may last closer to an hour and a half.

Your session will be held at a location of your choosing.  If you don't have a specific location in mind, we will discuss location options during your pre-session consultation. I primarily work throughout the Houston/Bibb/Peach County area, but am available to travel.  Sessions held more than 25 miles from my address may include a travel charge which will be discussed prior to the session.

A standard family session can include one outfit change, while one-subject photo sessions can include up to two outfit changes.

There are no limits or extra fees charged according to the number of people included with each photo session, but depending on the size of the group, this may effect the total number of images produced during your session.  

Senior portrait sessions can last anywhere from 2-3 hours.  Again, flexibility is key.  These sessions are designed to memorialize this time in your life, so the locations will be varied.  During your pre-session consultation you will tell me what locations are important to you (favorite coffee shop, your high school softball field, the local park) and we will try to incorporate them into our session.  It is also very important to express your individuality during these sessions, and so you will probably want to include several wardrobe changes.  Because of the multiple locations and outfits, senior sessions typically last about twice as long as standard sessions.  These are also single-subject sessions, with one primary subject, but we can definitely try to incorporate your parents, siblings, BFFs or boyfriend in a handful of images!



Q: You mentioned a session fee - what does that include?  How much do your clients typically invest in a portrait session?

A: Your session fee includes the time and talent of Amanda Hamborg during your session; a viewing/ordering gallery of at least 20 images for a standard session and 40 images for a senior session; as well as detailed attention and collaboration during your pre-session consultation and in preparation for your session.

Our clients typically invest around $500, including the aforementioned session fee, professional retouching, archival-quality prints and products, and digital files - and payment plans are available. All of our print+digital collections are entirely custom designed around your needs, ensuring you won't end up paying for 40 wallets that you don't need.  For additional detailed information on our products and collections, see our Pricing page.  


Q: I booked my session and I'm so excited!  What's next?

A: I'm excited, too!  I can't wait to work with you!  Let's schedule your pre-session consultation - we can either meet in-person or over the phone. This consultation time is extremely important and is therefore never optional - but I understand that your time is valuable, so I will do my best to accommodate your schedule and be considerate in the length of time our consultation will last.  

We will spend a little time getting acquainted with one another, and I will ask a ton of questions to get a feel for your personality so we can be sure that it comes through in your portraits! We will discuss your personal tastes and aesthetics, and I can offer advice and suggestions for locations and wardrobe. We will also discuss any specific needs that can be met during your session:  Ex.  Need a wall portrait to put over the coach?  An album?  A framed collection for that one bare wall?  Knowing this ahead of time helps us all to make the best decisions about details such as wardrobe, location, props, etc.  My ultimate goal is to create photographs that both suit your specific needs AND that you will fall in love with!

Q:  What happens after the session?

A: After your session, I will begin my editing process!  I will put my trained eye to work, choosing the very best of the best from your session, and will begin basic edits of the selected images.  Within two weeks, the selected images will be available for online viewing and ordering, and additional in-person viewing is also an option! Once you have chosen your images, I will begin fine edits of your images. I invest approximately 20 hours per session for editing, in addition to any time needed for custom designs, so please keep this in mind if you are under any time constraints and be sure to let me know in advance.  Your printed products and photographs will usually be delivered within 2 weeks of your order, but additional time may be needed for custom designed products like our albums.   There is an additional cost to expedite orders.